Fourth generation central heating (4GDH – 4th Generation District Heating) is the latest generations of engineering solutions for centralised building heating. The goal of this central heating is to recover energy where it is not required, to consume energy only where it is required, and only when it is necessary.

Fourth generation central heating

For the first time, fourth generation central heating also offers to change the consumer – buildings must have low energy consumption, which among other things means completely stopping excessive heating and excessive ventilation of buildings.

Our proposed solution for public buildings makes it possible to precisely regulate each of their rooms as is actually necessary, while integration of heating units makes it possible to adapt the volume of thermal energy supplied to a building to the demand for these premises. The same operating principle can be implemented between the building’s heating unit and boiler house, in order to ensure the compatibility of central heating to 4GDH requirements. Therefore, our products are an integral element of this generation’s central heating system.