Mūkusala Business Centre

Mesh heating control hardware, fancoil control hardware and ventilation equipment control hardware have been installed within the building’s complex as a complete solution. This allows the client to make significant heat and energy savings, which ensures rapid return on investments, concurrently providing control and precision management of the building’s internal engineering networks.

Riga City Council

Our biggest and one of the first clients in Latvia. By 2019, we had fitted 15 public buildings, whose demonstrated energy efficiency improvements has resulted in the rapid planned equipping of other buildings – 31 educational institutions have already been equipped in 2020. These buildings have a constant +22 ⁰C temperature during the institutions’ working hours, while the CO2 level is kept below the 800 PPM level.

Liepaja City Council

We are delighted to be part of the building infrastructure solutions of Latvia’s most energy efficient council. Our system helps to meet ERDF project monitoring requirements during joint renovation projects.

Jelgava District Council

The Jelgava District Council building is one of many municipal buildings to which attainment of the energy audit plans submitted by the ERDF is of vital importance. After installation of the Mesh system, excessive heating of the building was prevented and there was a significant reduction in thermal energy consumption.