Software plays a special role within the Mesh system. It is a website where the building’s administrator can keep track of the system’s operation, monitoring the whole building portfolio in one place right up to the level of detail of a specific radiator.

Management website

The E-Mesh website is a cloud service platform, which is available in 24/7/365 mode from any hardware connected to the Internet, which has an Internet browser. Servers are installed in a secure (SSAE16 certified) international data centre with 99.9% guaranteed accessibility.

Real-time hardware overviews

Users can keep track of the operation of building engineering systems throughout the building and in specific rooms. Information is provided in a graphic format that makes it easier to identify problems more quickly. For example, a lack of air heating in the radiator or riser balancing.

Graphic historical information

The history of the operation of equipment can be reviewed, making it possible to understand the characteristics of premises heating and to easily ascertain inconsistencies in the heating unit settings. It is possible to manage room comfort levels.

Clear settings

The building is zoned in conformity with its actual layout, and a common or shared comfort programme can be created for each room, while the comfort and absence temperature modes can be adjusted and restricted.

Licensing policy

When it comes to the use of software, we support a responsible software policy. Accordingly, we believe that customer data solely and exclusively belongs to customers and must not be used for profit. Therefore, in order to cover software development and maintenance costs, the client must buy a software license to run the system in compliance with Mesh’s licensing policy. Mesh software licenses have two parts – website user licenses and end user connection licenses. In the case of both types of software licenses, the client is obliged to keep them up to date. If it fails to do this, using the software will be considered to be a violation of the license agreement.