Covid-19 distribution control that pays off

Let’s save lives without loses

The University of Cambridge has published for the control of viral infections using air quality sensors as markers of infection risk. Our ventilation control system allows you to control such markers, making the premises safe for visitors, while providing better ventilation in case the markers are exceeded.

Ventilation on demand

(for our customers pays off in 2-3 years)

The mesh sensor system records the gas pollution in each room and uses this information to atjust the total mechanical ventilation capacity and increase the ventilation capacity in rooms where it is needed more. As a result, significant savings can be made without re-ventilation and at the same time even air quality can be improved.

Cooling on demand

(for our customers pays off in 2-3 years)

Improper control of cooling systems results in condensation of the cooled air, which is essentially the processing of electricity into water, and such “production” in public spaces without proper control is done by most buildings. It is also important to limit the possibility to adjust cooling in common areas so that employees would not cause discomfort to each other.

Heating on demand

(for our customers pays off in 4-5 years)

By setting the desired comfort temperature for each room and performing micro-controlling accordingly, it is possible to increase comfort and climate neutrality, which both saves by preventing overheating and changes people’s behaviour, overheated rooms are not ventilated for temperature compensation.


To manage our hardware, there is a specially developed easy to use website, which allows you to make changes and it is easy to oversee the operation of all hardware.


Mesh’s set of hardware ensures the management of a building in conformity with the client’s set terms and conditions, as and when necessary. The hardware design conforms to the very latest trends and will fit in well in any premises.

Pay less

Buildings with our system save 20-50% from their heating bill

Easy to use

Set the desired temperature and each working day it will be updated to match your selection

Within the price range of thermostats

Our heating control system will cost no more than regular smart thermostats

Made in Latvia

We guarantee use of high-quality materials

Protects the environment

Each unused kWh of heat means smaller CO2 pollution for the environment