Our hardware ensures complete heating, ventilation and cooling control. This is precise premises management, based on sensors’ real-time and historical data, which makes it possible to create a smarter and more balanced climate. The hardware will fit in well with the premises’ design and will take care of the building’s energy efficiency in continual mode.

Mesh wireless data exchange network

All Mesh hardware communicates mutually via a wireless network. This network has been specially developed for secure AES encrypted communications within a closed Mesh developed protocol, which operates on an 868 Mhz frequency. The 868 Mhz frequency band allows hardware to communicate across a broader radius than is possible on Wi-Fi frequencies. Moreover, our developed protocol makes it possible to manage several units of hardware within a single network. This approach is innovative and particularly necessary for big buildings in which smart thermostat analogues cannot function due to technical restrictions.

Mesh local management panel

LRC series

Universal LRC series control hardware, which reduces the amount of work to be done by the administrator, retaining complete control. Depending on the configuration, this hardware will provide:

  • accumulation of various sensor data,
  • delivery to regulating hardware,
  • limited zonal control in accordance with the administrator’s set permissions.

Heating control


A heating control panel ensures precise heating regulation in the room in which it is installed. It makes it possible to change the comfort temperature within a set range, without deregulating the programme installed for the room.

Ventilation control


Local or centralised mandatory ventilation control hardware, which makes it possible to control the ventilation hardware in conformity with air quality in a room, moreover, in accordance with the heating system settings so that systems do not function contrary to one another.

Cooling control


Cooling control hardware ensures precise cooling system control in the room it is installed. During the heating season, it can also be used as heating control hardware.

Radiator regulator

RRC series

The Mesh radiator’s regulator is hardware that turns a radiator into a smart device and which continually learns and regulates room temperature so that the climate cannot be felt and is neutral. It can quickly heat up a room, quietly regulate it to the desired temperature and completely stop heating in a room where it is not required.

The hardware is fitted with several temperature sensors. It accumulates data about the temperature of the heat carrier and calculates the actual room temperature flawlessly, eradicating mistakes that could arise if the radiator heats up the objects around is.

Fancoil control hardware

IOC series

More often than not, in buildings in which fancoil hardware has already been installed, the original automation does not ensure integration within external systems (Modbus interface) or additional modules are required, which are more expensive than the hardware itself. Our fancoil control hardware will replace the old automation and facilitate the introduction of complete heating and cooling centralisation, including the old apparatus. It is also an advantageous alternative in new projects, choosing hardware, which is not configured with automation.

Central control hardware

CBC series

Central control hardware ensure the exchange of data between all Mesh equipment installed in the building and the Internet website. Based on the dimensions of the building and the building materials used, one or more of these hardware types may be installed if they hamper wireless communications. Central control hardware is connected to the Internet, as a result of which the building can be run from any location via a secure SSL connection.